Its all about one's feelings and emotions


on May 18, 2012

A dream.

That I dreamt for long.

Was shattered for all;

And forever.

They discouraged.

They broke me.

They injured me in every step.

And when a dream barely came true…

People know me for what I do.

The ones who said, “she’s nothing but a stubborn spoiled brat”.

Who stated, “she doesn’t belong to us”.

Now act generous,and say they’re proud of me.

They tell the world,”she’s from our family”.

They claim to be my well-wishers.

They pretend to be my God-fathers and God-mothers.

They expect me to praise them in public;

Let people know that they inspired me..

I still pretend, I’m glad.

With all that’s happening around me,

I still carry my old fake smile.

I’m still tied to those people.

I still live with a family,

That remains for a NAMESAKE…….


2 responses to “Namesake…

  1. moumitamou says:

    wonderful….sweetu ๐Ÿ™‚

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